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What socially engaged art can do to facilitate inspiring conversations?

We often find that groups and teams get absorbed in their day to day duties and responsibilities, it is increasingly harder to have innovative and creative conversations within the workplace. People sitting around a table might not be that inspired for new thinking to emerge and for the minds and bodies to get playful and ready to brainstorm amazing ideas.

In March 2019 we co-founded DiArt, a service that integrates the application of dialogue and reflection, with visual arts and applied theater. Our workshops, courses and services promote authentic conversations, social engagement, inspiration and new learning.

DiArt team. Barcelona 2019

Socially engaged art practices are our favourite method to facilitate inspirational conversation. How do we do it? We use methods that are designed to work with both hemispheres of the brain, and to integrate in a fluid way, intuition and emotion with analysis and reason.

We use visual stimuli and image theatre cards

Fabra & Coats, Barcelona 2019

We use the power of physical image theatre with groups

Xamfrà Centre of Music and Theater, Barcelona 2019
Through the use of socially engaged art we stimulate creative and thoughtful thinking, and we easily surface feelings and emotions.

This makes for inspiring conversations

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